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The Topexx Dominions game is a fantasy setting with our own versions of Fey and Humans as the starting races.  Each race is made up of multiple factions, each with their own beliefs and lifestyles.  The factions we’re starting with are the Hos’lathi, a faction of the Fey, that are inspired by a blending of Native American and Elven cultures; and the Kelrand, a Victorian steampunk & magic inspired group of humans.

With this approach we can easily add new factions to each race. The Hos’lathi are just one nation of fey, there are others scattered around the planet. The same applies to the Kelrands, they are just one nation of humans. With this we have the capability to expand the Topexx Universe as our imagination grows and add in new races and new factions. Diversity and flexibility are great things.

Hos’lathi Faction

H-U-Glen Plains RiderThe Hos’lathi are inspired by a blending of Native American and Elven cultures, so they are neither the traditional elves seen in most fantasy setting nor are they representative of real Native American cultures. Instead we are creating a new culture by drawing elements from both cultures and combining them in interesting and fun ways. The Hos’lathi have a deep respect for the natural order of the world and the power imbued in every topexx crystals.  They harness the crystals power and use it for good the community.

H-U-Moonshadow HuntersHos’lathi live in communal groups where integrity, community service, and honor increase your personal standing within the community. A person’s standing within the community is displayed through the use of topexx crystals, often worn as earrings, set in necklaces or masks.  The crystals are also integrated into armor, weapons, and even tattoos.

Kelrand Faction

K-U-Dread Pirate InaThe Kelrand are inspired by Victorian era steampunk crossed with magic. Our world is steeped in magic and technology so we want to blend these two powerful elements together into a single faction. So the Kelrands have found ancient steam tech, and magical artifacts that can both be powered through the use of topexx crystals. Here’s the twist — most Kelrands have no idea how either the tech or the magic items really work.  Instead, they fiddle around with the objects they find until some effect reveals itself and then they use the object.  The majority of their society is built upon a tech / magic combo they don’t understand, although there are some who are beginning to understand and even invent their own tech / magic.

Gun Metal Medicine MenKelrands live by a trust but verify credo, and use contacts to enforce this in every aspect of their lives. Kelrands live in major cities and other highly urbanized areas. The multiple city-states band together to create a federated government. Kelrands only care about the land they are living on and using, so if they find a rich deposit of topexx crystals they will build a community to extract all they can. Once the mine is empty then they will abandon the area and their claim to it and move back to one of their cities.


I hope you enjoyed a peak into our first two races and factions.  Be on the look out for more details on these races and factions in upcoming blogs. We have lots of room to expand, in fact we are already looking at our next two races which will deal with dragons and an avian race. They’re still in the early stages.

That’s all for now. Be awesome and stay shiny!

Topexx Dominions: Races & Factions
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