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Sometimes I swear I’m related to Yoda as release info backwards I do.  🙂  First, I used a picture of our four commanders and then realized I didn’t introduce them, and now I realize I haven’t written a blog about the game itself.  Backwards much?!  We’ve posted about Topexx Dominions before on our Space Monkeys Down and Topexx Dominions Facebook pages, however we’re now trying to get our own site up and running and it really helps if we explain ourselves here as well.  That way no matter where people go, they can find info about our world, its lore, and us.

Topexx Dominions: Skirmishes

TD Poster 18x24 v2aTopexx Dominions™ is a tactical combat card game™ (TCCG™) that pits you, as the General of your army, against one or more other armies in a battle for supremacy of the topexx crystal, a powerful source of energy.  As the General, you gather your resources, recruit new and powerful units to your army, and test their mettle against your opponents.  The cards are hexagon shaped, allowing for each of your units to have a variety of attacks at your disposal, making every game a unique, and rewarding experience.  Use dice to do damage and simulate the dynamic nature of battle, as the art of war is a messy and bloody place.  Be the hero you were born to be!

K-U-Dread Pirate Ina-WIP
Card WIP

That’s our game blurb which sounds great (at least to me 😉 ), however, it really doesn’t describe how to play the game.  Topexx Dominions is a combat oriented game where each player controls an army composed of one commander troop and up to six unit troops at one time (see the Card WIP picture).  The players pick a scenario or invent their own scenarios to play.  Currently we are testing “Kill the Commander” and “King of the Hill” scenarios, and we plan to create more before the first game release.  “Kill the Commander” is a straightforward hack-and-slash – deploy your army and take out the other commanders before they take you out.  “King of the Hill” involves capturing a structure and holding it for a specified number of turns.  As you may have noticed on the cards, there are six sides and each side can display a combat stance.

Example Stance WIP
Stance WIP

A stance (see the Stance WIP picture) displays the important details needed to resolve combat:  the cost of the stance, the attack, defense, range, and the associated shakaa symbol (and there I go again, a shakaa is an energy nexus in the body where a person can augment their power by using topexx crystals, look for more info in a future blog).  Units usually have 2-5 stances, while commanders have all 6.  Each stance provides a way to customize the troop’s combat, as you align your chosen stance against an enemy’s stance.  The player uses a combat marker to remember their chosen stance and mark the order of combat resolution.  Once all players have placed their combat markers then combat resolution begins.  This is when the fun really starts!

Before I describe how combat works, I want to share my inspiration for this mechanic.  I love the movie RED.  There is a great fight scene where Bruce Willis walks into Karl Urban’s office and starts whaling on him.  During the fight, both of them are getting beat to hell and back and taking damage (it’s a great scene).  At the end of the scene, Karl grabs a gun and shoots Bruce while Bruce is making a hasty retreat.  As I watched the scene a thought occurred to me – how can I capture that back and forth combat in a game?  My solution uses opposed dice rolls where the player who rolls the highest total wins the round, and calculates damage by subtracting the lower number from the higher number.  For example, if the attacker rolls 4 dice with a total of 4 points and the defender rolls 2 dice for a total of 6 points, the defender wins, and does 2 damage to the attacker.  While you use strategy and tactics to get your troops into good positions, this is the core of the game, the real battle.  A little touch of randomness works well here.  As Helmuth von Moltke the Elder said, “The tactical result of an engagement forms the base for new strategic decisions because victory or defeat in a battle changes the situation to such a degree that no human acumen is able to see beyond the first battle.”  TL;DR version – no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.  🙂

More Than One Game…

Topexx Earth Concept Logo
Topexx Earth Concept Logo

This is just our first game set in the Topexx Universe – ah damn it, there I go again.  What’s the Topexx Universe you ask?  Well the short answer is it’s the setting we’re using for our tabletop games, video games, stories, graphic novels, and anything else we can think of to entertain people.  A longer answer will be in a future post.

When I created SMD, our original plan was to create video games and we still want to meet that goal.  Our game idea started small and eventually grew to massive proportions.  We vividly hallucinated that would take 6 months tops and then be rolling in sweet, sweet, cash.  Then the drugs wore off and we woke up.  Now some years later we have worked out a plan on how to get there – ok maybe it’s only 12% of a plan but that was enough to save the galaxy.  😉

Are you interested joining us on this adventure?  If so, please share with your friends, and stay awesome!

Topexx Dominions: Skirmishes
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