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We went to Metatopia this past weekend and had so much fun!  We learned a lot by going to panels, we played lots of games, and even partly designed a game during a Game Jam – admittedly our team was all newbie designers so we didn’t finish in the allotted time, but it would have been good, I can feel it.  In fact, I’m still on the hook to write-up what we did and get it out to the 3rd member of our Game Jam team.  We had so much fun that it slipped my mind completely that we’re moving this weekend.  How the hell does that slip my mind, we have boxes all over the apartment.  Oh well.  So this weekend we’re moving to our house (we were renting it to some friends for a while). Our Internet will be in flux for the next week.  Expect that next weekend will be a normal update and we’ll get our November Mission Log (aka newsletter) sent out.  Until then stay happy and play a game for me.

Stay awesome – FiveHead

Moving and Delayed Metatopia Results
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