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EDIT: I wrote this post Friday night with every intention of posting it Saturday morning and then the Con of Awesomeness aka Metatopia happened. Now I’m posting it as we’re heading down 95 South going home (ChefSuki is driving, not me). Enjoy!

We decided we wanted to crash into a con this month and we picked Metatopia 2015.  If you’ve never heard of it and you’re in m2015blackthe gaming industry, it’s The Convention For Gaming Industry Professionals (it says so right on their site).  It’s a fantabulous con with TONS of panels and playtesting events.  In this case, a ton equates to 640 events, with 101 them being panels, and the remaining 539 are playtesting events.  That’s right playtests are a major part of the con.  In addition, focus groups, alpha tests, beta tests and everything in between are  playtest events.  If you want people to give you a real critique on your game – and I’m not talking about mom’s critique here but real feedback  — like this ability seems overpowered and here is a way you might want to address it.  It’s great stuff.  If it sounds like I’m gushing over the con, it’s really because I am gushing over the con.

2015-11-06 23.13.39We have already had three playtest for Topexx Dominions; one of those was a “high-test.”  This means we had other game designers playtest our game and give us designer feedback.  In fact, during the high-test we discovered a quasi-broken rule (I say quasi-broken because it isn’t broken but it removes meaningful choice from the game thereby removing fun from the game).  The playtest was from 10pm until midnight Friday night and we were all very tired so I took note of it and knew I would get back to it after the con.  This morning, at another playtest of our game, one of the high testers stopped by as we were wrapping up and was like, “Hey, you remember the issues from last night? I had an idea about a way to address it.  If you add an overall defense score to the unit then it avoids the issue.”  We chatted for a few minutes and discussed through the idea and I added it to my notes. (i think it needs something to close this paragraph)

We’ve also been to so many panels with such great speakers I can’t remember them all, I’m so glad I’ve taken notes!  I have many notes to organize, research, discuss, ponder, and generally digest before I can start sorting it all out.  In the next few weeks there will be a post about what panels I took, what I learned and who taught it to me.

Well as you can see from the schedule, I’m on a short break before jumping back into the fray.  Stay awesome!

PS – I want to leave you with a game name that we WERE so interested in trying but due to scheduling we couldn’t make it.Unicoroner Harvest of Souls at Metatopia 2015  The game is called Unicoronor: Harvest of Souls.  I really need to find this designer and get on their mailing list.  🙂

PPS – The Internet!  What a great tool, I hope it catches on.  😉  The studio is Prettiest Princess Games.  Step 1 find studio name, check and done.  Step 2 – find them at the con, in progress




OMG We’re Crashing a Con – Metatopia 2015
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