Mission Parameters 2016

It’s that time of year again, a time to look back at all you’ve accomplished during the year.  You can either smile or sigh at what you remember.  I choose to smile, that’s just who I am.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to critique my work.  After all, the journey is about learning from your mistakes and bettering yourself.  The past 2 months I’ve been steadily writing blogs and posting them to this site, and in that time I’ve learned that I enjoy doing it.  I have a lot to learn about what to write, and the nine hells knows I need to learn how to write.  I already mentioned that starting in January I would add a second post each week, which would be on Thursday.  I even provided a structure for the topics I would write each week.  This is what I’ve mulled over, “if Thursday has a structure should Monday?”

So far, Monday’s topic has been whatever struck my fancy at the time.  No rhythm, no consistency, no pattern, just pure randomness.  I like randomness and I like structure – what can I say I’m complicated like that, just ask ChefSuki.  She’ll tell you.  😉  Most importantly, I like a balance in things.  I want wiggle room in my structure, so I can say, “WTH, this week I’m writing about this kewl widgety thingy I read about on Facebook.”  (And yes that is how I usually talk.  ChefSuki just shakes her head and laughs at me.)  Therefore, while Thursday has a more rigid structure to it, Monday will offer the balance by having topics I want to focus on but with no set schedule as to when I will write about them.

Our Space Monkeys Mission Parameters for 2016 (that’s just a fancy name for our plan for next year) helps us out here.  We have two big projects for next year, creating fictional content for our Topexx Universe, and creating small games.  I’m going to use my love of RPGs to fuel creating fictional content by creating adventure modules using the Fate system.  That’s a check for project one.  Project 2 is creating small games; in fact, we are already working on our first small game concept.  It’s a dice based dungeon crawl, where you control a character of your choosing, e.g., a fighter, a mage, etc., and explore a dungeon to overcome obstacles, collect loot, and go in search of the Big Treasure.  Did I mention it’s still in the concept phase?  🙂

This gives me many ideas for Monday’s posts.  I don’t need to follow a set schedule as I do on Thursday; instead, I can explore the RPG and tabletop game arenas at large as well as from an SMD perspective.  Additionally, if I’m writing posts about the community then I have to get off my ass and get involved in the community!  Cause it ain’t gonna blog itself!

So starting in January, I will be posting twice a week on Monday and Thursday.  On Monday, I will write about the RPG and tabletop industries as well as how SMD is participating in those industries.  Thursday will follow a set structure of posts.

  1. First Thursday – what I learned about game design this month
  2. Second Thursday – SMD con schedule and con related topics
  3. Third Thursday – Playtesting and game testing related topics
  4. Fourth Thursday – Topexx Universe back story and lore updates
  5. Fifth Thursday – (happens about four times in 2016), the audience will offer these topics, answering questions, etc.

This gives me a nice balance between total randomness and rigid structure.  Finding a good balance is key to a happy life.  Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we blast into 2016!

Stay shiny!  —FiveHead

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