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A New Year Brings More Weight

Up Dog SquirrelHappy Holidays and welcome to a new year!  Is it just me or do the holidays throw everybody out of whack??  I had such grand plans to do great things over the holiday but I felt like the dog in UP when he’s distracted – SQUIRREL!  Of course in my case it’s more like COOKIE!!  Well that’s the way the cookie crumbles and how I gain 10 pounds.  Sigh.  Well it’s a New Year so on to new things!

The Topexx Universe & Patreon

This is going to be a good year for Space Monkeys Down I can feel it.  As a team, ChefSuki and I have learned lots over the past two years.  🙂  We will be creating our own fantastical setting – The Topexx Universe, powered by FATE.  Our plan is to work on creating all the underpinnings of the setting, the maps, the characters, the stories, and everything in-between over the next year or so.  While working on the world we will be looking to engage you in that process.  We are creating a Patreon account where we will ask you to help us build this world.  If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a great platform to help your favorite creative people fund their work.  Do you like Evil Hat Productions?  Check out their Patreon.  Or what about Joshua A.C. Newman and his sci-fi xenoglyphs.  We look at it this way, we’re going to build the Topexx Universe anyway, and right now is just the two of us, so why not engage the power of the crowd to help us create truly amazing and fantastical people, places, and stories.  We want your help to make it the best it can be!  Look for our Patreon account to be up in the next few weeks.

Update on Codename: “Dungeon Delving Dice”

On the small game front, we’ve made progress on Dungeon Delving Dice.  Still no name, but now we have a basic concept.

You and your fellow heroes must defeat the “MEGA Coven” by finding the “Staff of the Anti-MEGA Coven.”  Recover the four pieces of the staff, scattered in the “Dungeon” protected by dangerous puzzles, traps, and monsters.  Can you retrieve all four pieces of the Staff before the “MEGA Coven” catches you?  Of course you can, you’re the heroes of the game!

We’re still working on naming the baddie and the ultimate weapon, but in the meantime, we want to give a nod to Supernatural.Rowena Mega Coven  Check out the picture of Rowena, click it to watch her say “Mega Coven!”  That makes me laugh every time.  This game will be set in the Topexx Universe providing us another chance to explore fantastical places with our fantastical characters.  We will engage you in the design process.  Once we get the cards in a basic design, we’re going to put them on DriveThru Cards and ask you to help us playtest in alpha and beta stages.  We’re even planning to run design contests where you can design cards and submit them for a chance to be in our game.  Be on the lookout for more details about “Dungeon Delving Dice.”

You’re the Awesomest!

Throughout all of 2015, ChefSuki and I talked about how we can engage with you and more importantly get you engaged in what we’re building.  Unfortunately, it was all talk, and little follow through.  This year we are changing that, so over the next few weeks we will be actively working on engaging with you.  We want to know what you think of what we’re doing, we want to build games and worlds that you want to explore.  Join us as we blast off on our Fantastical Journey, because you never know what we’ll discover!

Stay Shiny! — SM FiveHead

PS – I’m behind schedule by a few days on the posts.  The “What I Learned Last Month” post will be up by Sunday.  Next week I’ll be on the right schedule for posts, I promise.  🙂

Games and Fantastical Journeys – Oh Look a COOKIE!!
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