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Well hello there, it’s been far too long since I’ve written to you.  In fact, one of the last topics I wrote about was how I was going to write even more often.  Well that was a complete flop.  Late last year, I was reading several blogs about how I could do better with my blog, and most of them were like “more writing!”  So that’s what I did, I created this grand plan (read insane) on how I would write more often.  I didn’t even consider that I had just started writing my blog less than two months earlier and had just come to grips with posting one article every week, let alone posting twice a week on vastly different topics.  I love it when my brain gets ahead me, I’m pretty sure this is when funny stories are born.  It’s the beginning of March can I still claim “New Year, New Me”??  Meh – that is such a January thing.  I’m going back to what works, one post every week.

What should the topic be?  Well we Space Monkeys were thinking a lot about this over the past few weeks.  Back in November, we attended Metatopia and wrote about our experiences in playtesting.  From that, we decided we needed a smaller board game to work on first, so we started working on a worker placement game called Adventurers for Glory.  Unfortunately, my heart wasn’t in it and as creative type knows if your heart isn’t in it, it isn’t going anywhere.  Therefore, Adventurers for Glory is still waiting for me to design a board for the workers, the same place it’s been for a few weeks now.  During that same time, I got back into roleplaying games again, especially Fate by Evil Hat Productions.  I like the story driven aspects of Fate, and I always think of my long-standing D&D game, all the fun adventures we had, and all the stories we shared.  As time rolls on, I realize I’m much more excited about roleplaying games and telling stories than I am creating board games.  I talked to ChefSuki and she feels the same way.  WOOT!  When a married couple agrees on anything without any “discussion” (read fighting, hehe) it’s worth celebrating.  😉  So now, I have a topic – roleplaying games.

In addition to a topic, I also have a new path for Space Monkeys Down.  Like I said, Adventurers for Glory is sitting stagnant and getting no love.  My heart isn’t there.  On the other hand, I have decades of experience playing RPGs.  I also like to tell stories, and trust me when I say I can turn a minnow into a whale in about three embellished sentences flat!  This brings me to an epiphany, I am going to pick up the world I started creating almost 20 years ago, dust it off, and build it to use a modern RPG system.  When I write it like that, it sounds scary and fun.  Since I like telling stories, I’m going to use Fate to help me build a living, breathing, thriving world filled with interesting people in fascinating places, having thrilling adventures.

Building a world and an RPG setting is a big undertaking and I’ve never done it before.  I need help.  Specifically I need your help.  Space Monkeys Down is creating a Patreon.  Patreon is a site where you can become a patron of your favorite creatives, and support them with feedback and money.  Providing feedback is free and in fact, everything we do on Patreon will eventually make its way to this blog and our Topexx Dominions Facebook pages.  I say eventually, because Patreon supporters will see our work in its earliest stages thereby providing more time to give feedback.  Have you ever wanted to help build an entire world?  Now’s your chance, all you have to do is reach out and take it.

Stay shiny – SM FiveHead

Starting a Patreon and Getting Back on Track
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