Rescue (episode 2)

Finally, after longer than he wanted, Bryant led his team out of the worst of the mudslide area.  They neared the cliff’s edge where rapidly running water made the ground slick, but slick was better than churning rivers of mud.  Visibility was limited to maybe ten or fifteen feet.  Finally, he stood at the edge of the cliff, and hoped that he had led the team straight enough to find Samuelson.

He pulled the three of them into a tight huddle, and put his mouth between their ears so they might hear him over the roar of the rain and rush of the wind.  Bryant shouted, “Samuelson must be over the cliff.  Amelia, set up pitons.  Stanley, keep watch as best you can.”  He felt each of them nod, their wet, matted hair brushed across his face.

Bryant hoped that Samuelson landed on one of the many ledges on the side of the cliff.  The only way to find him was to take a chance and risk giving away the team’s position.  Bryant removed a cylindrical topexx, roughly four inches in length and encased in a sighting scope housing open only at one end, from one of his leg pouches.  He placed the casing across his forehead, just above his eyebrows, so it rested on his third eye shakaa.  He was not strong in third eye magicks, but he possessed skill enough to turn the topexx into a flashlight.  He mentally tapped into his vital energy, and channeled it through his third eye and into the topexx.  Once he made the initial connection, the topexx glowed with a soft white light.  He replaced the scope on his gun with the flashlight scope.

Turning round, he saw Amelia had hooked him up to pitons, so that he was ready to rappel down the cliff face.  He grabbed a length of rope in hand and walked over to the precipice; without thinking twice, he hopped over the edge and rappelled down about ten feet.  Holding there, he amped up the vital energy through his third eye, the light brightening enough he could scan for Samuelson, but he hoped not bright enough for unwanted eyes to see.  He swept the light first left and then right in a slow and deliberate path across the face of the cliff.  He saw something reflect the light.  He moved farther down the cliff until he stopped on a ledge barely a foot wide and two feet long.  Scattered along the edge he found broken goggle shards.  Well I’m on the right track.  He picked up all the shards he could find and stuffed them into a padded bag.

He braced himself against the ledge and performed another series of sweeps with the flashlight.  The longer he kept the flashlight illuminated the more he felt an ache spread across his forehead.  He knew it would only get worse the longer he channeled through his third eye.  Finally, he saw something glinting in the dark.  He brightened the light enough to see the ledge clearly, and as he did so, he felt sharp needles of pain slide into his skull.  Bryant saw his target, sprawled half on a ledge about twenty feet down and to the left.  He gladly reduced the magickal flow to the topexx; he only wished the razor-sharp needles jabbing into his skull would ease so quickly.

Bryant rappelled down to where Samuelson lay entangled on a set of rocks.  Bryant clipped himself to Samuelson, and pulled him fully onto the ledge.  With a quick practiced motion, he unmounted the topexx flashlight, and held it briefly against his third eye to break the connection.  He redirected his vital energy through his healing shakaa and tapped the topexx on his lower left arm so he connected to his healing shakaa.  At least I have training in Healing.  He used the topexx as a wand, and moved it purposefully over Samuelson.  Bryant sensed lacerations across the face, glass shards in the eyes, a concussion, and he plainly saw that Samuelson had a compound fracture of the right upper leg.

Bryant fired a series of ident shots into the air to inform Amelia and Stanley he found Samuelson.  Bryant holstered his gun, stood Samuelson up, and leaned him against the cliff.  Bryant squatted down, reached behind him to grab Samuelson’s arms, and slung them over his shoulder.  He secured Samuelson’s wrists with his belt.  Bryant reached back and affixed an adjustable length of rope from Samuelson’s belt to his own; he pulled the rope tight and Bryant could easily lift Samuelson’s unconscious body off the ground.  Without supplies he could do nothing about the leg except be wary of jarring the leg as he climbed back to the top.

Bryant climbed for several arduous minutes before he saw Amelia peering over the edge of the cliff.  As soon she saw them, she extended her arm out to help him up the last bit.  Bryant gratefully grasped her hand and with her help, they pulled Samuelson up and over the edge.

Ironhide Warriors action #2d

Amelia and Stanley worked quickly to disconnect Samuelson and temporarily laid him flat.  Bryant leaned into Stanley, “he’s got a concussion, glass in his eye, and a compound break of the leg.  Get him to cover, and treat him as best you can.  Amelia and I are moving on.”  As long as we stay near the edge, we should pass within a few feet of the cave.  He tapped Amelia on the shoulder and they headed off into the rain-soaked night.


Jenn and I hoped you enjoyed the dashing rescue of Samuelson.  Stay tuned to see what Bryant does next now that he only has two people to complete his mission.

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Beating the Drums of War: Rescue
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