Hello, Space Monkey.  Aj here, and I have a news update for you.  As you can guess from the title, Jenn and I are going to Gen Con 2016.  We aren’t going to sell anything, 😥 but we are volunteering 🙂 .  I’ve listed our schedule below, so if you find yourself at Gen Con and want to stop by and say hi that would be awesome.  If you support us on Patreon, first off thank you, second we will stick to our normal posting schedule.

Gen Con Volunteer Schedule

Day Volunteer Area Shift
Wed Aug 3 Coupon Books 12 – 8pm
Thu Aug 4 Coupson Books 7 – 11am

5 – 9 pm

Fri Aug 5 Volunteer Pool 10am – 2pm

5 – 9 pm

Sat Aug 6 Coupon Books 7 – 11 am
Sun Aug 7 Volunteer Pool 2 – 6 pm


Stay shiny! –Aj

Space Monkeys at Gen Con 2016
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