Hello!  I’m sorry for the long delay in posting anything, but Jenn and I were sick for the first half of October and then we worked two cons, Hampton Comicon and VA Comicon.  (I’ll discuss these cons in another blog.)  I don’t know about you but I become a big baby when I’m sick, of course, then there’s Jenn who tries to do the dishes while running a fever AND coughing up a lung.  I often have to make her stop what she’s doing just so I can help her.  Our conversations go something like this.  Aj:  “What are you doing?”  Jenn:  “These dishes are bothering me, so I’m washing them.”  Aj:  “Stop that, go back to the couch, and lay down.  I’ll do the dishes.”  Jenn:  (with a pouty face) “Ok.”  Jenn still has a sore throat but I’m feeling great.  At least now, we can get back to our passion, Topexx Dominions.

Speaking of passion, over these last few weeks I thought a lot about my writing and what I want to do with it.  I concluded that I don’t want to write serialized fiction, yet.  (That “yet” is important.)  I want to learn about storytelling, plots, character dialogue, and oh, so many more things before I really dig into serialized writing again.  Over the last few weeks, I tried to sit down and write so many times, and of course, I ended up procrastinating and making excuses the whole time.  At first, I blamed it on “writer’s block” then I saw a post on Facebook (that, of course, I can’t find again) that said something like “Writer’s block is the fear of being judged.  Learn to let go of your fear and you’ll write forever.”  I asked myself, “Self, can you set aside your fear of being judged enough to continue writing?”  It took me a while to answer myself and even then all I got was a “Yes and no.”  Fat lot of good that helps me.  🙂

Starting with the “no” side of things, when I look at what I’ve written so far, I see both lots of promise and many shortfalls.  As I said earlier, I want to learn how to engage you in the story I’m telling.  I don’t believe my writing is there, yet.  I feel like I’ve jumped onto a bed of hot coals as a way to learn how to walk across fire.  Ouch!  Moving on to the “yes” side, I realize I enjoy writing when I actually sit down and write.  I want to learn how to tell better stories, to create captivating characters and put them in lively locations so you can experience their awesome adventures.  I find that idea exhilarating and scary at the same time, which tells me that’s what I want to do.

So what does that mean to you?  Well for starters, I’m going to temporarily set aside “Beating the Drums of War” story until I learn how to do it justice.  Jenn is going to focus on creating captivating characters and lively locations in picture form.  Each will have a write up that describes the person or place.  These will help us flesh out the world of Topexx Dominions.  While she’s working on that I’m working on creating a series of Solo Adventures™ (the name may change) books.  If you’ve ever enjoyed a Choose Your Own Adventure® or Fighting Fantasy® book then you will like these books.  I’m still working out the basic ideas so look for that in an upcoming blog.

Thanks for your support and stay shiny! –Aj

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