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We have created some amazing steampunk characters for our upcoming game, Topexx Dominions. The two core figures of the Kickstarter campaign are Captain Bryant Templeton and Amzi Goodenough. Each miniature comes with its own custom designed base fit for 35mm miniatures. We created the figures so everyone can enjoy them while we continue developing the mechanics for the roleplaying game.

Topexx Dominions is a steampunk fantasy setting that we created. We created the setting about two years ago as part of another project, but it’s been only in the last six months that we’ve worked on the setting in earnest, and only in the last month that we’ve worked on RPG mechanics. We fleshed out some of the characters with some personalities, backgrounds, and illustrations. So we asked ourselves…what if we took some of these Topexx Dominions characters, talked to our friends at The Phalanx Consortium, and had them sculpt some fantastically detailed metal miniatures? And this Kickstarter came to be!

So far, we have two factions in our world, but we’re working on adding more. Our first faction is the steampunk-inspired faction called the Kelrands. The Kelrands are a mixture of humans, dwarves, and other similar races that combine the latent power in topexx crystals with technology to create technomagic, which defines and drives their society. The second faction is a nature-inspired faction called the Hos’lathi. The Hos’lathi are a mixture of elves and other fae races that harness the power of Nature stored in the topexx crystals to create enviromagic. Enviromagic allows them to shape their environment to the benefit of all living things.

Below you can read about the Bryant and Amzi, but if you really want to see how good the miniatures are, check out our Kickstarter page.  We would love your support.

Meet Bryant Templeton


Captain Bryant Templeton leads the Ironhide Warriors, an elite group of commandos, as part of the Protectorate Division. Currently, he protects the accomplished High Sorceress Minuet.

His career began as the sole protector of the youngest daughter, Minuet, of the affluent Wyndam family. When Cesile, Minuet’s older sister, deserted the family, this forced Minuet to assume the position of being the next Kelrand Border Commander. Captain Templeton formed the Ironhide Warriors to protect her in this dangerous position. As her protector, Bryant operates as her second in command utilizing his brilliant tactics to execute her battle strategies.

In fact, Captain Templeton uses an experimental, topexx crystal-powered Sizzler Ray Gun as his main weapon. The gun allows him to injure or stun his targets – well when it works it is an experimental design, after all. (He won’t share examples of when the gun doesn’t work because no man likes to talk about his gun not working.)

Meet Amzi Goodenough


At a young age, Amzi survived the Massacre of Blackthein, a brutal Hos’lathi raid on her home village that killed her parents. As a child, she was small and sickly, and often picked on by the other orphans, she learned to fight to survive. Over time, she became aggressive and violent, and soon she became the bully. One of the other Massacre survivors, Grimtok, helped her channel her rage into productive endeavors, and before long, they became Champions of the Orphanage, helping all those who came seeking its shelter.

Today she carries on that tradition by seeking out strong women and recruiting them to join her band of Bloodfire Warriors. She works to further her interests and that of Grimtok the Destroyer.

Amzi loves fire, so she constructed her own arm-mounted flamethrower, Pyrogore. Pyrogore attaches to her arm, and rather than relying solely on science, she uses topexx crystals to call forth magical fire to power the gouts of flame she uses to assault her victims. Did I mention Amzi is not a nice person?

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We’ve already done well enough to reveal the first stretch goal, Colonel Mortimer Zachariah.  You can find his story on the Kickstarter page.  Don’t forget to sign-up for our monthly newsletter, the Adventurer’s Journal, so you can stay up-to-date as we continue to develop Topexx Dominions.


35mm Steampunk Miniatures from Topexx Dominions Live on Kickstarter
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