Beakbarrow Pass

Nestled at the base of mountains, Beakbarrow Pass shines bright as an example of a thriving Kelrand city of the New Age.  Once, not many years earlier, Beakbarrow Pass’ only claim to fame was the Garden of Stone, a massive sculpture of a garden and waterfall carved into a three hundred foot tall cliff face.  The carved water and plants appear to shift with the wind, bringing the ancient artifact to life for all those who gaze upon it.  Who had the skills and the technology to create such a magnificent work of natural art?  What techniques did they use to capture the landscape in all its splendor and glory?  The current inhabitants of Beakbarrow Pass may never know the answers to these questions.

If Beakbarrow Pass still only had the Garden of Stone, life would continue merrily along as it has for hundreds of years, but now the city has more to offer.  One of five Great Mountain Tunnels that cut through Razorwing Mountains starts in Beakbarrow Pass.  Once completed, the Beakbarrow Tunnel will connect the Tresian Kingdom to the Ebreogalla Kingdom opening up new opportunities for the city and the two nation states of Kelrand.  Already trade with Beakbarrow Pass has increased fivefold and the Tunnel isn’t complete yet.

Epic Location of the Month

Each month we choose a location in the Topexx Dominions world, and provide lore about it.  This month we chose the Kelrand city of Beakbarrow Pass, which becomes a starting point for developing more about our world and the inhabitants of it.  A bustling city like Beakbarrow Pass always has excitement and adventure around every corner and we want to share that with you.  In the coming weeks, we will zoom in on a section of the city and describe a vibrant picture of what’s happening in the city.  After that, we will further zoom in on prominent characters within that section to find out what they’re doing.  For example, why are Grimtok and Amzi loading mechanical spiders on to that airship docked near the spire?

Developing Questions

To me, asking questions is the most important aspect of creating a world.  Without asking myself the whys and the whats, this is nothing more than a draft picture of a city.  After Jenna drew the cityscape, we sat down and asked ourselves several questions.

  • What’s going on in the picture?
  • Who built the Garden of Stone and why did they build it?
  • What is that tall spire on the left side of the city?
  • Where is the city located? (This one we answered, yea us!)
  • Why is this city important? (We answered this one at a high level, but there is so much more detail we can add.)
  • Who all is in the city and what are they doing? (We have some answers to this one.)
    • Grimtok and Amzi Goodenough
    • Minuet and Bryant Templeton and a third unidentified person
    • Dread Pirate Ina – is she with someone?
    • Who else is in the city?

Join us next week as we dive deeper into Beakbarrow Pass and the adventure it holds.  What questions spring to mind when you look at Beakbarrow Pass?  Leave a comment and let us know.

Beakbarrow Pass
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