Summer 2017 Kickstarter Theme

With my current Kickstarter nearing the end of the survey stage and starting the production stage, I now turn my attention to the next set of miniatures.  I decided to continue producing steampunk Kelrands, as they are the most fleshed out of our races.  In the summer of 2017, I plan to launch a Kickstarter featuring six core miniatures, and six stretch goal miniatures.  In Kickstarter update #11, I teased a few images involving two aerial combatants, giving you a head nod that the next Kickstarter would have a flying theme.  That’s not to say that all miniatures will fly, but all of them revolve around the aerial industries.  Why flying you may ask, well let’s explore that a bit while we meet our first character.

Kelrands Have Flown for Years

The Kelrands unlocked the secrets of topexx-powered flight about 400 years ago.  In that time, they developed many ways for people to move aerially.  Individuals soar through the air utilizing mechanical wings, or mecha-wings, like the Powerstone Aerialist, or riding a personal aerial-platform, or aeroform for short, like the Purpledawn Warlocks.  Airships come in many forms, ranging from cutters, sloops, dirigibles, to ornithopters.  In fact, the Kelrands rely almost exclusively on aerial transportation to move people, goods, and services around their kingdom.  Of course, the military uses it too, often to spy on the Hos’lathi, but occasionally to skirmish with them.

Mecha-wings and aerforms fly through the air.

Emmaline Celia Cannon, an Aerial Engineer

Just because Kelrands can build airships doesn’t make it easy.  It takes a highly skilled team of engineers to keep a ship soaring high in the sky as opposed to slamming into the ground below.  Every team needs a leader, and the best Aerial Engineer around is Emmaline Celia Cannon.  Emmaline is the eldest daughter of the famous Blast Furnace Magi, Laurentius Luke Cannon.  She grew up helping him in his smithery, creating tools and weapons, and imbuing them with magical properties.  In fact, she invented the fabled Sizzler Ray Gun used by Captain Templeton and his Ironhide Warriors.  She fiercely guards that secret so that not even her father knows how to duplicate her work.

Laurentius works his magic on the steel, while Emmaline tests another design

When Emmaline was 13 years old, her father took her on a job to fix a propeller shaft on the KAS Wrathbullet.  She fell in love with the engine room; she knew right then what she would do for the rest of her life.  Laurentius used his connections to get her into the best Aero Academies and Engineering Schools.  She challenged herself to exceed her father’s wildest dream for her, and she has done just that.  She became the design engineer for the KAS Indomitable, the largest and fastest ornithopter of the Kelrand Royal Navy.  She advanced the fields of aerodynamics and topexx-induced aero-engine design.  The engines used in the KAS Indomitable are a third the size as those used to power an ornithopter half as large.  The War Section offered her the distinguished role of Chief Engineer, while the Teaching Section desperately wants her to stay at the Shipyard University and continue her research and development.  Whichever option she chooses, a life of challenge and adventure await her.

Emmaline sights her gun design.
Flying Towards a New Kickstarter

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