President and Chief Monkey of Space Monkeys Down

Space Monkey Aj is a husband, father, roleplayer, software developer, entrepreneur, and last but not least a dungeon master.  He started playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 1st Edition way back in 1986, and he played all through High School.  When he joined the Navy, he took a break for a short time while he attended boot camp and schooling.  Then in 1992 when he got to his first ship he found a new group to play and he taught himself AD&D 2nd Edition and literally dived off a cliff (no, not really literally but he likes making that joke) and became a Dungeon Master for the first time.  It was love at first play session.  Over the next almost 20 years, the group members changed often (such is Navy life, and then later civilian life).  Through the years, he played AD&D 2nd Edition, than D&D 3rd Edition and 3.5.  Then the worst thing imaginable happened, 4th Edition.  At first, he thought nothing of it, D&D and him had been lifelong friends, there was a bond between them that couldn’t be broke… oh WTF did they do to D&D???

He wanted to be fair, so he bought the three Core books and played a handful of times.  He quickly realized what happened.  See FiveHead is a software developer and has played many massively multiplayer games (e.g., Eve Online, Star Trek Online, City of Heroes/Villains, World of Warcraft, and so on).  To his developer brain, it was easy to see that 4th Edition was made to mimic a MMO, maybe that was the plan all along.  The world will never know as 4th Edition was short-lived.  However, it existed long enough for FiveHead to switch to video games exclusively for several years.

While he played video games, the adventurers marched forward and changing the landscape dramatically and he lost touch with that world.  With the release of D&D 5e, he decided to change all that.  He now routinely plays 5e with his friends and supports a few Kickstarter creators making adventures – check out Dungeons on Demand, Dan Coleman rocks!  In addition to 5e, he tried a few newer games, like Fate, Fantasy Age, and Dreamscape:  Laruna to name a few.  He wants to have more adventures and tell stories of his adventures so grab your dice and join him on his adventure.