Vice President and Chief Color Crayon Artist (aka The Art Director)

Hey there!  I’m Jenna of Space Monkeys Down.  When people ask what I do for Space Monkeys Down, I tell them what I am … a recovering artist.  What in the world is a recovering artist?  Glad you asked … I call myself that because as a youth and teenager I was heavily into drawing, painting, and silk-screening.  Seattle Art Institute even accepted my into their art program, but when the tuition cost showed up at the bottom of the acceptance page in glaring red numbers, I went in search of a way to pay for my dream.  My tuition assistance of choice was the Navy so off I went (into the wild blue yonder) to what I thought would be a brief hiatus from my lifelong love.

It’s not that I forgot about art over the next 20-some years that followed … I think I just became wrapped up in a new life.  I was interested in the many things the military had to offer…travel, education, friends, and extended family.  I married a wonderful man and we had a wonderful son.  I left the Navy, attended Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute, and went on to have a rewarding culinary career.  I didn’t forget about art, but I think the longer I went without reconnecting with it, the more scarred I was to try it again.  And yet, through the twists and turns of life, I’ve found my first love again (it’s like a Lifetime Romance movie)!  I started working for Space Monkeys Down as the Creative Eye and Head Color Crayon Artist (that’s code for Art Director) and reconnecting with my artist roots.

My mission (should I choose to accept it…) is to design creative characters for Space Monkeys Down stories and future RPG that you absolutely must know more about (who is that mesmerizing red head in green who just walked into this lava-filled crystal mine?!).  Mission number two is to bring my drawing/painting skills into the 21st century.  Digital illustration is what it’s all about in this day and age and I’m constantly astounded by how much there is to learn (read how much I don’t know…yet).  I’m excited (and maybe a bit nervous) to share my discoveries and results from working in front of a digital canvas.